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Secrets for a Balanced Life

EM-BALANCE may work for you on the cellular level to restore the body to its natural, healthy state.  Manage stress, depression, ADD, ADHD, anxiety and PMS with this helpful information.


2.  Eat right:   40% Carbohydrates - 30% Protein, 30% fat

3.  Body Fat:  Excess body fat may not be good for you

4.  Exercise:  Exercise  for better health

5.  Salt:  Reduce Salt Intake

6.  Alcoholic Beverages:  Keep Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Low

7.  Sleep:  Get Enough Sleep

8. Work:  Do Satisfying Work

9.  Relationships:  Have Healthy Relationships  
10.  Happiness:  Find Happiness


Last Update 08/19/08