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Physical activity is an important way to use food energy and improve circulation for stronger muscles, immune system and overall health.

Try to engage in more physical activity, join a health club or enroll in a fitness program.

Try to become more physically active

Spend more time in activities like walking to the store or around the block. Use stairs rather than elevators. More vigorous activity may help you reduce body fat and disease risk. Try to do 30 minutes or more of moderate to heavy physical activity on most — preferably all — days of the week. Most Americans spend much of their working day in activities that require little energy. In addition, many Americans of all ages now spend a lot of leisure time each day being inactive, for example, watching television or working at a computer. To burn calories, devote less time to sedentary activities like sitting and more time to activities that keep you on the move. EM-BALANCE may help with exercise by indirectly producing phenlyethylamine (PEA), a stimulatory substance.





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